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Santa Call – Live Santa Calls!

SOLD OUT! This is not just another service offering Santa Calls, this is an entire conversation with Santa Claus. Santa talks about many topics, including their milestones, schools, sports, pets, accomplishments, friends, hobbies, and more.

Request your 2023 LIVE Santa Call for your children at home, and make this Christmas one to remember forever for your children. Select from a LIVE Telephone Call, or a LIVE Skype Audio Call from Santa Claus and his Friends in the north-pole.

Now in his 20th Year, this is a LIVE in-person Phone Call from Santa to your children. Unlike “template emails, your kids enjoy a REAL LIVE talk with a Santa Call in-private, from his workshop in the North-pole.

Choose from 4 phone call options, a Live Santa Telephone Call, Live Santa Skype Audio Call, his popular Pre-Recorded Christmas Eve Call, or his Live Santa Party Call.

Your Private LIVE Santa Call from Santa Claus Includes…

  • Up to a 20 Minute Live Talk with Santa Claus and ALL Your Kids.
  • Audio Recording of Your Phone Call and Live Santa Talk.
  • Holiday Music and Mixing of Your Live Santa Claus Conversation.
  • MP3 Download of Call Recording as a Fun Forever Audio Keepsake.
  • Social Media Tool to Share Your Magical Page Worldwide.

Your Call from Santa Claus Also Includes…

  • A Family Web Page to Listen, Share and Download the Call MP3.
  • NORAD Tracking Link Within Your Private Family Call Page.
  • Night Before Christmas “Audio-Story” in Your Page Read by Santa.
  • Social Media Tool to Share Your Magical Page and Call Worldwide.
  • Rudolf Red Nose Reindeer Video for Kids to Watch Online.
live santa call

live santa phone call

All your kids can talk to the jolly old red man Santa Claus LIVE at the North pole.

This service also includes a FREE ‘Private’ Magical Web Page featuring a recording of your live Santa Telephone Call, Santa Party Call, or Skype Audio Call streaming online.

Anyone you share the web page with, can download your personal Santa Telephone Call audio file FREE as a keepsake forever. Select your Live call option at top of the site and reserve your Santa Phone Call.

Santa also has “holiday friends” join him on the call including Eddy the Elf, and good old Frosty the Snowman. Christmas is a magical time, now it will more spectacular than ever with a live Santa Claus Phone Call from Santa and friends.

Your MP3 of the Live Santa Telephone Talk is recorded and available for download as a mp3 FREE online via your own private family magical web page so you can relive the magic again and again, sharing it worldwide.

Read what other families and parents have to say about their calls!

Request a Santa Telephone Call, Santa Party Call, or Santa Skype Call. Order your Telephone Call clicking above and reserve your family Santa Call today.