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Live Santa Calls. Now in his 20th year calling children, Santa is part of hundreds of families Christmas in more ways than one. Not only does he deliver toys and other goodies, but Santa Claus also calls his children LIVE every year before the holiday, for a fun, friendly, jolly personalized conversation with kids.

This year make it a Magical Christmas to remember for your child with a LIVE Santa Telephone Call from Santa Claus.

Your LIVE Santa Call is also recorded FREE as a ever-lasting keepsake for you and your children, plus you enjoy a family Magical Web-page FREE.

After talking to Santa, the call is mixed with Christmas music and made available in only a few hours for download online, right inside your own private Santa’s Magical Web Page.

Your child can listen to the call over and over again, and share the call with family and friends worldwide.

* Imagine your child’s’ excitement when you tell them, “Santa is on the phone”.

Santa also has some “holiday friends” joining him in the personalized message including good old Frosty the Snowman.

Christmas is a magical time of the year and this year it can be even more spectacular with My Santa Call. Plus the FREE recording is available online on your own private family web-page so you can relive the magic again and again until.

Your Private LIVE Santa Telephone Call Includes…

– Up to a 20 Minute Live Talk with Santa Claus to ALL Your Kids.

– No Extra Fee for Additional Children in Your Family.

– FREE MP3 Recording of Your Live Santa Telephone Call, or Skype Santa Call.

– FREE Magical Santa Web Page to Listen, Share and Download the MP3.

– FREE NORAD Tracking in Your My Santa Call Magical Page.

– FREE Night Before Christmas “Audio-Story” in Your Page Read by Santa.

– FREE Social Media Tool to Share Your Magical Page Worldwide.

Your kids can talk to the jolly old red man Santa Claus LIVE at the North pole.

Request Santa’s Live Telephone Call by clicking the order link above and reserve your call time today.

Hurry, Santa Telephone Call times are limited every year.