Operation Santa Call | Free Military Santa Call


Santa Claus wants to honor the soldiers of the American Armed Force’s with a special prerecorded Santa Call Message delivered by telephone on Christmas eve.

automated santa call to military familiesIf your family has a ACTIVE soldier deployed in the US Military, we invite you to add your home to Operation Santa Call his FREE Automated Santa Call list below.

Santa has his elves send our a special broadcast call to all families on his Operation Santa Call list. The call is FREE and on Christmas Eve. Register your family.

We do call to confirm ALL requests so please be aware of this in advance.

Operation Santa Call families get a Automated Phone Call from Santa in the North-pole.

…in germany for the holiday and being able to listen to the call online was amazing and very comforting. my 3 children were blown away. -Marsha (USMC)

…being away from my family at Christmas is a hard time. this simple call was a special little extra something to make things more exciting for my 2 kids. thanks for supporting the armed forces and my military. -Shane (USAF)

…thank you to all our soldiers:

…both myself and my husband are deployed this year. the kids are with our in-laws and this was our special way of saying, we have a friend in the north-pole. it added a new spark to the kids christmas eve. -Mandy (USN)

…your families are in our prayers:

…my son is a single parent and is serving in the marines. he was thrilled when we told him about this free service. it lit up the kids faces like a christmas tree. very grateful for this small gesture Santa. -Carmin (Retired USMC

…my 32 year old son is deployed for the 3rd time over seas and this brought his family that much closer this christmas. thank you santa. you made his season a little more magical. -Connie (MILITARY MOM)

To request a FREE Operation Santa Call – just fill out the form below and hit submit by 7pm on Dec 21st.

Remember ONLY active military families please. Make a military families holiday even more spectacular this year. Thank you for your service from the North-pole and Santa Claus.