Santa Call Gift Certificates | Live Santa Call Gifts


Talk about a unique christmas gift for your grandchildren, children of a friend, students, employees, nephew, niece, neighbors, or any other household with kids.

You can be a Secret Santa, and send any family a Live Santa Call Gift Certificate.

Simply choose the payment option below, make payment and we will contact you to get more details.

Your My Santa Call Gift Certificate will be arranged directly with the family on the date and time chosen by the recipient of your My Santa Call Gift. They also then complete Santa’s Private Secret Questionnaire.


  • LIVE telephone call from Santa Claus & Friends to ALL your children.
  • Private Magical Web Page featuring your free recorded phone call.
  • Free MP3 to download, share, or re-listen over and over.
  • Special letter to your kids written within your family page from Santa Claus.
  • Social Media Buttons to share your Santa Call with friends and family.
  • NORAD tracking tool to track Santa Claus at Christmas
  • Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer YouTube Movie and more.

The gift certificate is also a great gift for families with parents or soldiers deployed overseas. Make this holiday even more spectacular and send a My Santa Call Gift Certificate below.

READY TO SHARE A SANTA CALL? Click below to PURCHASE a My Santa Call Gift Certificate for only $99.95 using PayPal. Once ordered, we will contact you to gather contact details of family, or children, then arrange for the call directly with the recipient.

Order Your Santa Call Gift Below.




NOTE: After payment the recipient is contacted, then sent a link to pick a call date, time and another link to fill out Santa’s Secret Questionnaire. YOU will receive a email confirmation from PayPal and the THEY receive an email confirmation from Santa’s Helper confirming their selected call date and time.